5 Personal Hygiene Rules In The Kitchen

Why Personal Hygiene Is Important In The Food Industry? 

Personal Hygiene In The Food Industry

Good personal hygiene is said to be crucial in most situations, but it becomes even more important when it comes to food handlers working in a kitchen setting. The right way of food handling, which is infused with good personal hygiene is considered to be an important element in Food safety. Good personal hygiene tends to go a very long way with customers.

As you are handling their food they prefer food handlers who are professional in all ways and not food handlers who follow poor hygiene habits. And personal hygiene is not about appearances, it is about ensuring that the food you serve is safe from food poisoning. We all carry a certain level of bacteria. So touching your mouth, nose, clothing, or hair and then touching the food without a hand wash can spread those bacteria.

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5 Personal Hygiene Rules In The Kitchen

Before going to work ensure the below:

Rule 1: Personal Hygiene

  • Brush your teeth
  • Take bath regularly
  • Trim your beard & hair
  • Wear clean clothes & trim your nails
  • Use a waterproof bandage to cover your wounds if any

Rule 2: What to Avoid?

  • Avoid handling food when sick
  • Do not prick / scratch pimples, nose, etc
  • Do not grow long nails and avoid wearing nail enamels
  • Avoid wearing dirty clothes
  • Do not wear a watch or any jewelry while handling food

Rule 3: Wash Your Hands

  • After you cough, blow, or sneeze your nose
  • After using the restroom
  • Before & after touching a sick person
  • After touching animals
  • After handling disposals/waste
  • After touching money

Rule 4: Avoid Dirty Clothing

  • Wear a clean uniform before each shift
  • Change when it is necessary
  • Wash your uniforms after every usage
  • Store dirty uniforms away from the kitchen
  • Dispose of single-use gloves after usage

Rule 5: Overall Health

  • Avoid handling food, if your illness is contagious
  • Keep away from the kitchen if you have symptoms like diarrhea, vomiting, jaundice, sore throat, or fever
  • Resume after 48 hours once your symptoms are gone
  • Inform your boss/head if you have any signs of infection

10 Importance Of Food Hygiene

Below are some of the reasons why food hygiene is important:

  • If food or water is not safe, you can neither eat nor drink it. One good example is safe drinking water. We opt for water that only comes from a reputable source. The same applies to food also.
  • One of the main reasons people get sick is due to the food or drink they consume. Viruses, parasites, and bacteria found in food can lead to food poisoning.
  • It may not be easy to detect if food is contaminated because the food may taste or smell just like normal.
  • Food poisoning can lead to dehydration and gastroenteritis or any other potential health problems like kidney failure or even death.
  • These risks are crucial for those in a high-risk category like pregnant ladies, babies/children, elder people, and the immunocompromised like HIV and cancer patients.
  • Food hygiene prevents germs from getting multiplied in foods and reaching serious levels.
  • Food hygiene ensures a daily healthy way of living.
  • Food hygiene can help you save on your medical expenses & medical checkups.
  • Food hygiene also impacts the business in a way. It helps companies avoid staff downtime due to illness.
  • Washing hands can prevent food poisoning cases. Therefore, it is very important to maintain good personal hygiene.

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Skill & Knowledge – Food Handlers

Food handlers need to be aware that their action can impact the safety of the food they handle.

Food Handlers Should Know

  • How to follow workplace information
  • About food handling operations
  • How to identify / correct / report situations or procedures that do not meet the required obligations of the business.
  • Who to report if there are any food safety issues in the business
  • All of their responsibilities related to health & hygiene requirements
  • Attend training that promotes good hygiene practices in the food industry

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Why is Hygiene Important in the Food Industry?

The Following hygiene in the food industry can prevent food from the risk of contamination that includes harmful bacteria or any foreign bodies.

Why is Personal Hygiene So Important?

Maintaining good personal hygiene can protect you from infections & diseases and also keep your environment and food from getting contaminated.





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