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What is Healthy Breakfast in India?

Healthy Indian Breakfast

In today’s mundane life, it has become quite crucial to keep a check on our health. Eating healthy is the first & foremost thing that needs to be considered when we talk about healthy living. And it all starts from the morning breakfast! Yes, starting your day with a healthy breakfast can make a lot of difference to your health.

With a busy day ahead, most of us may even skip our breakfast which is not recommended. Choose a healthy meal in the morning which can keep you energized throughout the day. Pick up tasty breakfast recipes that can be a treat for your taste bud as well as your body.

We have listed down some of the top Healthy Breakfast – Indian Veg menus. This list of breakfast itemsis sure to ease your morning breakfast preparation.

1.    Upma

It is one of the famous south Indian breakfasts made out of semolina. It provides enough energy to the body throughout the day. Sambhar, an anti-oxidant-rich curry, can be a great side dish for it.

2.    Thepla

Gujarati Thepla is a healthy option which many people like. It is made of fenugreek leaves, wheat flour, coriander leaves, turmeric powder, etc. With pickles, it tastes amazing!

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3.    Sprouts Salad

With poached or boiled eggs, make some sprouts salad to kick start your day! It is rich in dietary fiber, minerals, and vitamins. It is indeed an excellent and healthy choice of breakfast!

4.    Poha

How can one miss this Maharashtrian specialty? This tasty breakfast is rich in fiber, carbs, protein, and fat. By adding chilies and peanuts to the recipe, you will get the perfect crunchy breakfast. If you are on a weight loss journey, this north Indian breakfast recipe will be the right choice of breakfast!

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5.    Paneer Bhurji

For vegetarians, this recipe will help in boosting their protein. You can include your favorite vegetables with paneer and savor them with parantha or roti. Having this as breakfast can keep you full for a longer period.

6.    Palak Poori and aloo

You don’t have to stop eating palak poori to stay fit. Adding palak to pooris can be a healthy twist. It will add on the fiber factor and also potatoes are rich in complex carbs which will help in weight loss. So there you go, you have a yummy breakfast.

7.    Masala Omelet

Eggs are known for their rich source of protein. You can add veggies like onion, capsicum, tomato, etc to eggs and break the monotony. One egg has 6 grams of protein which is, therefore, a great start as a breakfast. This is one of the famous 5 minutes breakfast recipes – the Indian menu.

8.    Oats poha

Oats are said to be rich in protein and making it as a poha recipe will add an Indian twist to your breakfast. So you do not have to necessarily have it with water or milk, you can simply add your favorite vegetables and even fruits as per your choice for your breakfast.

9.    Multigrain Paranthas

If you want a healthy breakfast then this would be the best choice! You can add three grains in the flour and stuff it with a filling of your choice. You can also add cheese to it. It will be loaded with fiber, carbs, protein, vitamins, etc. It would be a great start as a breakfast!

10.  Besan Cheela

Chickpea flour is another rich source of protein. Besan cheela along with your favorite chutney can spice up your mornings. It will help you get your metabolism for the day!

11.  Idli

Idli is a perfect combination of fats, fiber, protein, carbs, vitamins, and minerals. It is one of the healthiest south Indian breakfasts. You can have Idli along with sambhar which will be an added healthy choice.

12.  Beetroot Dosa

Unlike the normal dosa, this beetroot dosa is rich in potassium. This is also considered a healthy breakfast Indian recipe for weight loss.

The above-discussed Indian breakfast recipes are truly the best choices if you are looking to keep yourself healthy and fit.


1.    What is the healthiest Indian breakfast?

The healthiest Indian breakfast includes Idli, Poha, Thepla, Multigrain Paranthas, Millet recipes, etc.

2.    What should Indians eat for breakfast?

Indians have innumerable choices of healthy breakfast like Idli, Dosa, Upma, Paranthas, poori, poha, Thepla, etc.

3.    What Indian breakfast is best for weight loss?

Indian breakfasts like millet dosa, poha, salad, etc, are good for weight loss.



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