Hotel During Pandemic

How are Hotels Surviving the Pandemic?

In the age of COVID-19, the hotel industry has faced hard times in keeping up its survival in the market. Travel restrictions and quarantine have posed a threat to hotel industries. It all went upside down but the new landscape this pandemic has offered can be welcoming as well – because people always want to explore & often like to ‘getaway.

Whether they prefer a big-city hotel or just a bed and breakfast type, hotels will definitely find their place amidst the paradigm shift this world has gone through. Lockdowns are slowly getting released across the globe and the flow of movements is getting accelerated.

So how do hotels cope up with the pandemic? Staycation is something that popped up during this pandemic where people choose to work away from their homes in their preferred locations. A strong Wi-Fi connection is all that is required to attract people who are looking for a place to work away from home. So this is the right time for hoteliers to balance the economic fallout that happened during the pandemic.

It simply means that it is time to refocus their efforts & adapt to new approaches. Hotel marketing & sales teams are shifting to rescheduling and rebooking for the later part of the year and seek out to make whatever revenue is actually possible. So hotels look out for even the smallest opportunity so that it helps an employee to provide food for their family.


What Hotels are Doing During COVID-19?

It is important to be creative – that’s what the hoteliers feel! People lookout for a hotel during pandemics for various reasons. Maybe companies cannot do conferences directly with their employees but they can book a space for doing a live stream. So that they can avoid noises at home like a dog barking in the background or preferably showcase a professional ambiance.

Also, Hotels offered their space for people who wanted to self-quarantine. It also acted as office replacement space for those who were working remotely. This will indeed generate at least a small revenue. This list goes on and it is quite inspiring to see how hotels are adapting to the COVID-19 crisis.

Hotels will have to completely focus on cleanliness & safety certifications. They should also involve various technologies in order to achieve the same. No matter what the situation is, it is important to make the guest feel comfortable and safe.

This should be the primary aim of every hotel and its staff. Even a crisis will have an opportunity when you take a closer look and that’s how hotels are coping with COVID.

Yes! It is quite a challenge to bring in revenue for any business during this pandemic. And when it comes to the hotel industry, it is important for them to go way beyond their normal approach in order to attract customers. In this article, we will discuss some Innovative ideas for the hotel to maximize their booking.

  • Having a chatbot on your hotel website will enable quick engagement with your customers. It is indeed considered an asset for your hotel if you have to be at the top of the competition
  • Offering an amazing visual experience of your hotel is quite crucial because ultimately your customer’s pre-arrival view really matters! Ensure you offer ultra zoomable images to show a glimpse of how your space exactly looks like. Also, security & safety concerns should also be addressed as they are considered a top priority for your customers
  • In order to fuel your social media marketing, it is important for hotels to develop their email lists. By utilizing your email lists, you get an opportunity to reconnect with your previous customers. It is wise to start your marketing plan with customers who already know your brand
  • We should accept the fact that a Crowd definitely attracts a crowd! Any conversation about the brand in social media can build or break it. Brands are placed in the market by what others say about them. So investing in PR can be a wise choice
  • It can be a turn-off for the customers if the third-party booking site is not customer-friendly. It is very crucial for hotels to choose the right booking partners. Hotels must ensure that the journey of their customers is trustworthy & smooth
  • Taking a survey is important! The future of the hospitality industry after COVID actually depends on these kinds of approaches. And when it comes to hotels, chatbot technology can be used to carry out surveys so that it is easy to understand their experience during their stay. It can be about a meal, or even the booking facility offered. Surveys really help!

Though the COVID situation can be challenging, things will bounce back when the situation comes to rest. Meanwhile, it is important to engage with your customers in a positive way & mark the presence of your brand. It is the right time to build trust & share your uniqueness with your customers.


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