Are Healthy Choice Meals Healthy

Are Healthy Choice Meals Healthy?

There may be times when you are exhausted and maybe running out of energy to cook something from the scratch. You may rush to the freezer for some microwavable miracle to happen. After spending hours in to working, cleaning, running errands, doing laundry, exercise, shopping, etc., you may consider some timesaving dinner options like Frozen foods.

Are you one of the many people who opt for Frozen meals? There are innumerable brands of Frozen foods available in the market. And for various reasons, Healthy Choice is on the top of the list when it comes to frozen meals.

They are considered to be the healthiest frozen meals available in the market. Also, if you are looking for healthy frozen meals for weight loss then Healthy Choice will be the right choice. Healthy Choice Frozen meals carry low calories somewhere between 190-470 calories and are also potion controlled. It helps so many dieters to stay on track without giving up on their health goals.

Let us look in detail to discover the health benefits of Healthy Choice Frozen meals:

1. Sodium

Though Sodium is essential, too much of it can be scary. And most of the frozen meals carry tons of salt. It is used to enhance the taste & also as a preservative. But Healthy Choice does not overload their food with sodium.

On average, Healthy Choice food only has an ideal amount of 530mg of sodium. This is helpful if you are looking for a low sodium diet or to lose weight. If you still want to limit the salt level even more then try the Healthy Choice Unwrapped Burrito bowl which carries only 350mg of sodium.

You can also try the Meatball Marinara which contains less than 500mg of sodium. Healthy Choice frozen meals come with good taste even though they carry less sodium.

2. Fiber

Consuming less fiber a day is a big no-no if you want to lose weight. Fiber not only boosts your digestive health but also helps you lose weight in the long run. Eating fiber-rich food will keep you full and reduces cravings and that is what is exactly needed to reduce weight.

Healthy Choice meals contain an average of 5gms of fiber each. You can opt for white bean & feta salad which has 16gms of fiber. Or you can try the Adobo chicken bowl which carries 8gms of fiber. Not all Healthy Choice frozen meals are rich in fiber. You can add roasted vegetables or a side salad to boost the fiber content.

3. Sugar

To enhance the taste of frozen food, sugar is being used. Sugar is not good for you if you are on diet. Frozen food with a high quantity of sugar may taste good but comes with high calories. So if you are on a weight loss journey you should frozen meals that contain less than 8gms of sugar.

Healthy choice company has both kinds of frozen food which has a high and low level of sugar. You can try the chicken feta & faro, grilled chicken pesto with vegetables, and creamy chicken mushroom which have only 2gms of sugar or less.

4. Ingredients

We live in a world where organic & whole foods are getting popular. Healthy Choice has 5 lines of food: Classics, Simply steamers, Café steamers, Simply steamers with organic ingredients, and the latest Healthy Choice Power bowls.

When it comes to natural ingredients it is the Simply Steamers with Organic ingredients which is the clear winner. It has recipes like Creamy spinach and Tomato linguini, sweet & spicy Asian-style noodle bowl, and channa masala. You will not find any preservatives or chemicals in the Healthy choice Simply steamers with organic ingredients. So you can opt for this if you are looking for consuming organic food for your health routine.

Healthy Choice Frozen meals have various good reasons like low sugar, low sodium, and high fiber meals. If dieting is on your mind, you can choose a Healthy choice. Even if you are not on a weight loss plan, you can choose Healthy Choice for its natural ingredients.

Yet some Healthy Choice frozen foods may be high in sugar or low in fiber; you need to choose the right one if you are health & diet conscious. Being well aware of the trend for organic food, Healthy choice has frozen mean which has natural ingredients.


1. Which frozen meals are the healthiest?

Frozen meals that contain natural & organic ingredients are considered to be healthy.

2. What are the best-frozen meals for weight loss?

Any frozen meal which has low sodium, low sugar, and high fiber is considered the best.

3. Do Healthy Choice meals have MSG?

No, Healthy Choice meals have no MSG

4. Are frozen dinners bad for you?

Though frozen dinners are considered to be time-saving & easy, they can never entirely match up with freshly prepared meals.


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