Cheap First Class Flights

How to Book Cheap Business Class Flights? 

Cheapest Business Class Flights

Business class, as we already know, comes with a huge price tag. The same may not be affordable for all. But yes, one cannot deny the fact that it is the dream of every traveler to fly in a business class flight.

If you are looking to buy the cheapest business class tickets from India then this blog may be of help to you. Like the saying, ’’Where there is a will, there is a way’’, we will discuss in this blog how to book business tickets at a cheaper price.

1. Be Flexible To Find Cheap Business Class Flights

If you consider that it is your experience that matters the most in your trip, you need to be a little more flexible while booking your flight tickets. Choose the best month while searching for deals, so that you can easily get cheap first-class flights to your chosen destination.

As an alternate, you can also be flexible with your destination. At different times, different airlines put up business class sales. By looking at a variety of airports and airlines, you will be able to get discount business class airfares.

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2. Choose Low-cost Carriers When You Book Business Class Seats

Choose airlines that offer cheaper business classes. The business class on Singapore airlines is named Scootplus which is a low-cost offshoot of scoot. The business class offer from Scootplus comes with a 30kg checked baggage allowance, premium meal service that includes one alcoholic drink, complimentary entertainment that can be streamed on your device, sizeable armrests with recline, and a power socket, adjustable headrests, and larger legroom.

Jetstar Business is another affordable business class flight. You can enjoy priority boarding, amenity kits, blankets, and pillows.

3. Make Use Of The Online Auctions To Bid For An Upgrade

To buy cheap business class tickets, you need to fly in an airline that offers an auction system for economy passengers. With this option, the passengers get a chance to make a blind bid on an upgrade to first-class or business; this truly offers a good deal on the original price.

Though this is not a promising way to get an upgrade when you win it would be the easiest way to buy cheap business class tickets. There is also another option where you can pay for a fixed price upgrade while you check in most of the airlines.

4. Frequent Flyer Loyalty Programs Enable Free Upgrade

If there’s anything better than a cheaper business class flight then it is flying for free! Frequent flyers usually get points whenever they fly and that is one of the perks as the same can be spent on upgrading the seat.

Without adding anything to your fare, you can simply move from economy to business class. One of them is Virgin Australia’s Velocity program which allows family pooling. This way you can acquire enough points for a free upgrade to business class.

Through Qantas & Virgin programs, you can also gain points on purchases other than booking flights and the same can be redeemed for flights.

5. Watch Out For The Sale In Business Class

There will be times when airlines will have special offers on their best seats. And if you do not want to miss such sales you can opt to subscribe to airline newsletters. There will be deals like early bird special fares or companion fly free kind of sale in conjunction with tour packages.

These are offered to frequent flyers and subscribers. Also, make sure to follow your favorite airline on social media as they tend to advertise deals on a myriad of online platforms.

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6. Travel Alone

The chances of a single-seat being free are more than trying to avail yourself of multiple business class tickets. So maybe when you travel alone, you have more chances of getting that free upgrade to business class.

So if someone ever asks you how to get cheap business class tickets for international flights, you may now have ideas to share. Isn’t it?


1. How do I fly free in the business class?

If you are a frequent flyer, you may use your points to avail a free upgrade to business class.

2. Is it worth paying extra for business class?

If you are looking for an experience with more comfort & amenities then it is worth paying extra for business class.

3. What is discounted business class?

Usually, airlines offer a discount when there are more business class seats available than passengers.

4. Which is the cheapest class on a flight?

Economy class is considered to be the lowest & cheapest class on a flight.






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