How to Get Universal Travel Pass?

How to Get a Universal Travel Pass?

What is Universal Travel Pass?

With the universal travel pass, passengers can now travel by Mumbai metro & monorail. This pass is aimed at keeping people away from using fake ids and also it will ease travel by other ways other than Mumbai local. In this article, we will entirely discuss the Universal travel pass registration& login process. Please read carefully so that if you are thinking to get yourself a Universal Travel Pass, this article will be of help to you!

A new web portal named Universal Travel Pass (UTP) was launched by The Disaster Management & Rehabilitation Department – Govt of Maharashtra. This was launched to issue an travel pass to all the establishments for emergency travel during the lockdown period and also after the lockdown period in the state. Based on the nature of the business, the establishment has been divided into different categories by the government. And the three major categories defined are – education, medical, and utility. Only the establishments that fall under these categories or subcategories can apply for UTP.

By using the Universal Travel Pass, traveling for the staff of these establishments has been made easy during the restricted time laid down by the government. A proper system is used to generate the passes for the staff of the establishment which has also registered themselves. A QR code is included in these system-generated Universal Travel Passes and this QR code can be authenticated by the bus or railway authorities.

Establishment Registration Process

1. Registration of Establishment:

The first step of UTP is to register the establishment into the portal. The travel pass cannot be generated unless the establishment registers itself. This is a one-time activity.

2. Review & Approval of Request Form:

Once registered on the portal, a request for the pass will be submitted. The same will be reviewed by the district’s Disaster Management Authority. After reviewing the application details, approval will be given by the concerned authority.

3. Staff Details Upload Using CSV:

After request approval, staff details have to be uploaded by concerned coordinators using an excel template which will be on the portal which is known as the CSV.

4. SMS to Staff Members:

After uploading the staff details, an SMS will be sent to the staff members whose request was approved by the DM. It is to log into the portal this SMS is being sent.

5. Photo Upload & UTP Generation:

Photographs of staff can be uploaded only once so they should upload accordingly. After which, UTP will be generated and the same will be printed by the establishment or staff.

Universal Travel Pass Online Registration

Only staff of registered establishments can get their UTP generated. Thereby, registration is required to be done on the portal. Establishments that require to issue this pass for their staff to travel during a restricted time or lockdown period should register themselves on the portal. The following steps will enable Universal Travel Pass.

Online Application:

  • Navigate to the official Universal Travel Pass websiteOnce the portal opens, click on ‘Universal Travel Pass’
  • Click on the link – ‘Register your Establishment’
  • You will view a registration form on the screen. Fill all the required details in the space given
  • Do not miss filling the mandatory fields. Check on agree and click the register button
  • Registration is over and the request will be sent for approval

Hope the above information will guide you to the online Universal Travel Pass application.

How to Generate Universal Travel Pass?

  • Open the official site
  • Click on the tab – Universal Travel Pass
  • Click – Download Travel Pass
  • Use your registered mobile number to login
  • Upload your photo. Remember you can only do it once
  • Universal Travel Pass will be finally generated
  • Click on the button – ‘Print Pass’
  • Your travel pass will now be downloaded
  • You can now take a printout of your Universal Travel Pass


1. How do I apply for an online travel pass?

Eligible establishments should register themselves in the portal for availing UTP for their staff.

2. What is a universal train pass?

Universal Travel Pass enables staff of registered establishments to travel during restricted or lockdown periods.


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