Are Travel Credit Cards Worth It

Are Travel Credit Cards Worth It?

How do Travel Credit Cards Work?

Travel credit cards are said to be one of the best options to earn redeemable reward points or miles towards travel. Be it an airline credit card that gets you miles or a hotel credit card whose earned points can be redeemed for hotel stays or a general travel credit card whose points you can cash in or transfer to hotels and airlines, a travel credit card is indeed a very useful tool that lets you utilize the most of your everyday spending.

However, most travel credit cards may include high annual fees with complicated terms and conditions. At times, all these can even make you think if getting a travel credit card is actually worth the effort. It is considered to be worth it when you can earn points or miles that can be redeemed for travel or other benefits.

Here are some of the key points to keep in mind when you think about getting the best travel credit card in India.

Best Travel Credit Card India 2021

1. American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card

This card is suitable for those looking for travel benefits and earns reward points that can be redeemed for travel vouchers. This card is considered to be a decent option if you are a high spender who is looking for travel promotions & perks. You can redeem the points earned by choosing the desired item from the catalog; it gives a free hand to cardholders on how they wish to use their earned points. But yes, the joining annual fee can be a little high.

2. Citi Premier Credit Card

This travel credit card well suits frequent travelers who would prefer availing of air mile benefits. The highlight of this card is that you can redeem the miles earned across several airlines. Also, your earned air miles will never expire so you can earn miles and redeem them whenever you want. And as a welcome benefit, you also get 10,000 miles upfront.

However, this card may not be the right choice if you are planning to save on your international expenses because the foreign exchange mark-up is considerably high and this card does not offer international airport lounge access.

3. Air India SBI Signature Credit Card

For Air India Loyalists, this card is considered to be the best travel credit card in India. If you happen to spend more on your credit card, this card can be pocket-friendly as the basic reward rate is said to be 4%. For every point, you earn an equal number of Air India Miles.

Another highlight of the reward point is that it need not be redeemed only for air miles but can also avail services that are off the rewards catalog. However, all the advantages are related only to Air India.

4. Axis Bank Vistara Signature Credit Card

If you are a frequent traveler and mostly prefer Vistara airlines then this card will be apt for you. You get up to 2% Club Vistara Points which you can redeem for free flights and flight upgrades. The milestone benefits of this card are excellent so the more you spend the more travel benefits you will get.

In a year, you can avail up to four premium economic tickets by reaching milestones. You can also enjoy travel insurance protection, Club Vistara Silver membership, & discounted golf access.


SBI Card ELITE is called an all-rounder card as it carries the benefits of travel, movies, and shopping. This card offers Complimentary Silver Membership to Club Vistara which enables you to avail flight upgrades and other benefits with Vistara Airlines. You also get hotel benefits but are limited to Trident hotels only.

This card has a good reward rate with additional rewards on categories like groceries, dining, and departmental stores. This card will be the right choice if you are looking for benefits in other categories also.

6. HDFC Regalia Credit Card

It is one of the best premium credit cards in India. It suits heavy spenders who travel often. If you are a frequent traveler, you get six International lounge visits & 12 domestic lounge visits per year. Also, this card charges only a 2% foreign exchange mark-up fee. On reaching spending milestones, you get generous bonus rewards. This card will best suit your needs if you are a frequent traveler and a frequent shopper.

Another best international Travel Credit Cards India are


1. Should you use credit cards while traveling?

Using a credit card while traveling helps you gain more rewards which you can redeem for travel or other benefits. Also, you can avoid the hassle of handling cash.

2. Does it make sense to have multiple travel credit cards?

Using multiple travel credit cards enables you to enjoy multiple benefits & reward points. So yes, you can use it!

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