Are Tracheas Safe for Dogs

Are Tracheas Safe for Dogs?

If you have a dog, you would know how to carefully choose different treats for feeding your dog. Most of the treats come with various health benefits. And most importantly it makes your dog happy!

The beef trachea is said to be one of the treats that dogs love the most. So what is beef trachea made of? It is made of a cow’s windpipe; it is baked and made into multiple pieces. In this article, we will discuss if the beef trachea is safe for dogs.

The beef trachea has no artificial ingredients and is simply a natural chew. It is nutritional and does not harm your dog. But yes, it is prone to choking!

So it is important that if you feed beef trachea to your dog, it is fed under complete supervision.

Beef Trachea for Dogs – Benefits

The beef trachea is considered to be healthy for your dog because it is void of flavors and preservatives. Also, do you know that chondroitin and glucosamine are naturally present in the beef trachea? These two compounds help in curing arthritis.

In case, if your dog has the condition of arthritis then beef trachea would be the right choice of treatment. In addition, it has low fat and high protein. It is also referred to as an addictive chewy; it will give a positive impact on the gums and teeth of your dog.

Furthermore, this beef trachea chewy is highly digestive. So, your dog will not face any problem digesting it. They are very easy to chew and get softer as your dog chews them. This nutritional snack will help in keeping your dog’s overall health intact. The beef trachea also helps in maintaining the oral health of your dog. It aids in cleaning your dog’s mouth. In case, if your dog has a weight issue, you can prefer beef trachea as it is low in fat.

Is Dried Beef Trachea Safe for Dogs?

Dehydrated & dried beef trachea is a kind of go-to choice for us. It is easy to store and also it does not require any special storage precautions. It is said to be ideal for moderate chewers and helps in strengthening the jaw muscle of your dog.

Raw Beef Trachea Safe for Dogs

If you have been used to feeding raw food for your dog, then raw beef trachea can easily be fed. It will provide the same nutrition benefits that dried beef trachea offers or even more.

Lamb Trachea for Dogs – Safe?

Lamb trachea is the smaller version of the beef trachea. They are suitable for dogs that are sensitive to food intolerances and allergies. Lamb trachea are hollow and made from the windpipe of a lamb. They are also high in glucosamine and chondroitin. These natural agents help in maintaining healthy joints in your dogs.

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How to Feed Beef Trachea Safety to Your Dog?

As already mentioned, it is important to feed beef trachea safely to your dogs as they are prone to choking. It all depends on the way you feed it. You should provide the right size of trachea to your dog.

Some dogs tend to just gulp instead of chewing. So choosing the right size matters! Small dogs can be given small size chewy.

It is totally in our hands to take care of it. Otherwise, the beef trachea is a healthy snack for your dog. It is safe and considered to be a great pastime for your dog.

Though dogs love beef trachea, you should ensure to provide them with a balanced diet. It is just like any other treat. To see that other foods are also properly given. Excess of anything is not good. You can feed beef trachea once a week.


1.    Are tracheas okay for dogs?

Yes, tracheas are treats that you can feed to your dogs.

2.    Are beef tracheas good for puppies?

You can consult your Vet before you choose to feed the trachea for your puppy.

3.    How much can dogs eat trachea?

You can feed the trachea once a week.

4.    Are beef tracheas digestible?

Yes, beef tracheas are said to be highly digestive. So your dog won’t face any digestion issues.


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