Foods that Cause Kidney Stones

Can Coffee Cause Kidney Stones?

When we talk about coffee, it is a beverage that has worldwide popularity and also has some intense study into health effects. Many kinds of research show how it impacts our immune system and also remains a risk factor for heart disease & cancer. And the debate if coffee is good or bad has been underlying for thousands of years ever since it was discovered.

Population-based epidemiological researches show an association between intake of coffee and protective effect on kidney function. Kidney stone disease is definitely a global health issue that is said to have a high recurrence rate even after stone removal. So can coffee cause kidney pain?

In a Korean study where 2,600 women including diabetics who consumed coffee were associated with a decreased risk of kidney disease. But yes, population-based surveys are definitely not enough to draw conclusions.

Thereby, a meta-analysis that was published in 2016 answered this crucial question. It showed no association between coffee consumption and kidney disease in male patients. In the past, scientific studies showed that caffeine has the risk of increasing the growth of kidney cysts in patients who suffer from autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease.

Is Milk Bad for Kidney Stones?

There has been a number of studies that have been conducted to understand the association between kidney stones and milk products. The evidence indicated that consumption of milk or milk products has no association with the risk of kidney stone formation.

Foods that Cause Kidney Stones

Avoid kidney stone-forming foods like spinach, beets, okra, cocoa powder, French fries, almonds and cashews, raspberries, sweet potatoes, chocolate, tea, etc. Stay away from salty foods, meats, and other animal protein. You should drink a lot of water.

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Does Sugar Cause Kidney Stones?

Intake of fructose is associated with an increased risk of developing kidney stones. Fructose is found in table sugar & high fructose corn syrup.

What Causes Kidney Stones?

Kidney stones, at times, have no definite or single cause. But yes, there may be several factors like oxalate, calcium, and uric acid. Also, your urine may probably lack the required substances that will prevent crystals from sticking together.

This may create an environment for kidneys to form stones. Possible causes may include drinking very little water, too much or too little exercise, obesity, eating food with too much sugar or salt, weight loss surgery, etc. Family history and infections may also be some important reasons in some people.

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How to Prevent Kidney Stones?

1.    Stay Hydrated

Drink more water. It is the best way to prevent kidney stones. If you drink less water then your urine output will be low.

This means urine will be more concentrated and may not dissolve urine salts and may lead to stones. Orange juice and lemonade are good options that help in preventing kidney stones.

2.    Eat Less Sodium

A high salt diet can increase the risk of calcium kidney stones. The high salt content in the urine will prevent calcium from being absorbed from the urine into the blood. This leads to high urine calcium and then leads to kidney stones. By eating less salt, urine calcium levels are also maintained low.

3.    Reduce Your Intake of Oxalate-Rich Food

Some kidney stones are actually made of oxalate, which is said to be a natural compound found in foods that bind along with calcium in urine which then forms kidney stones. Some foods include: wheat bran, peanuts, soy products, rhubarb, etc.

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You can also talk to your doctor about preventive medications that can help you dissolve kidney stones. And the type of medication that your doctor will prescribe will be based on the type of kidney stone you have. Alongside, it is crucial to follow effective strategies which can prevent the formation of new stones.

So the bottom line is kidney stones are common! Preventive methods may reduce the risk. Stay hydrated and make some dietary changes. If you have any condition that may increase the risk of kidney stones then talk to your doctor about it!


1.    Should you avoid coffee if you have kidney stones?

As caffeine can cause increased blood flow, it can strain your kidney. So you can avoid coffee if you have kidney stones.

2.    Is coffee bad for your kidneys?

If consumed on average, coffee is an accepted beverage for your kidneys.

3.    What drinks are bad for kidney stones?

Avoid drinking colas. It is high in phosphates which promotes the formation of kidney stones. Processed drinks, added fructose, sucrose can be avoided.


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