How to Control Heat in Our Body

How to Control Heat in Our Body?

Reduce Body Heat

Excessive body heat can trigger various symptoms in your body which should be addressed right away! It is generally referred to as heat stress. And especially during summers, heat can drain us entirely.

It is during this time many of us feel dehydrated and also lack the energy to even do our daily tasks. This is truly a sign of heat that should be ignored. If ignored, our bodies may be at risk!

It starts from eating the right food to completely changing our lifestyle and also by consuming body cooling foods. This way we can protect our bodies from the harmful effects of heat. It is very crucial to understand the body heat symptoms that indicate the rise in temperature in our body. For example, indigestion, ulcers, burning sensation in the eyes, constipation, acidity, sleeplessness, or even rapid heart rate.

Let us Understand How to Reduce Body Heat Immediately at Home

1.    Coconut Water

It is considered one of the best drinks during summer. It naturally has cooling properties that can help you beat the summer. It can keep your body hydrated and also naturally balances the temperature-generating electrolytes.

2.    Buttermilk

This natural coolant contains vitamins, essential probiotics, and minerals which helps in keeping our body cool during extreme heat. Drinking buttermilk every day will help in cooling down your body. It also helps in restoring your energy.

3.    Aloe Vera

It is said to be a natural cooling agent. It has super-effective when it comes to reducing body heat both internally and externally. The aloe vera gel can also be applied to your skin to experience the cooling effect. You can also prepare a smoothie by blending aloe vera with mint or cucumber. You can entirely feel your body cooling down as you consume aloe vera.

4.    Mint

It is one of the commonly used herbs in India. You can add it to your food or drink which will help in reducing the heat from your body. It not only helps in controlling the body temperature but also gives an incredible cooling effect. You can add mint to lemon water, buttermilk, or even curd to add more benefits. Mint chutney is said to be one of the most famous & tasty side dishes in India.

5.    Watermelon

One cannot miss this fruit during summers! The water contained in watermelon is as high as 92% which when consumes helps in keeping your body hydrated and cool. If consumed regularly, watermelon can control your body heat.

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6.    Cucumber:

Just like watermelons, even cucumber carries a high amount of water. They are rich in fiber which helps in relieving constipation which is one of the most common problems faced during the summer season. Cucumber most opts-in salads and it is also used in facials to soothe the eyes.

It carries 95% of water and it also helps in reducing excess calories in the body. It will be your perfect partner during the summers!

7.    Lemon Water:

Lemon, being rich in Vitamin C, tends to lower the body temperature. It also oxygenates the body, improves energy levels, and gives you a fresh feeling. It is considered a homemade electrolyte.

8.    Onions:

It may be surprising to know that even onions have a cooling effect. It is rich in quercetin, which acts as an anti-allergen. It protects you from sunstroke.

You can simply have them raw as a salad along with cucumber or lemon or probably make sandwiches or raitha out of it. It is indeed a vegetable that is easily available around the corner.

There are many recipes that you can prepare which will help you in reducing your body heat. You can simply browse for ‘foods to reduce body heat and you will be amazed by the options that are available right away!

How to Reduce Body Heat – Ayurveda?

As per Ayurveda, the top foods that can help you reduce body heat are neem leaves, ghee, flax seeds, sprouted whole moong dal, coconut, cucumber, lemon, etc.



1.    Which foods reduce body heat?

You can opt for fruits that have high water content like cucumber or watermelon for reducing your body heat.

2.    What causes too much heat in the body?

Intense physical activity, medications, medical conditions can cause too much heat in the body.

3.    Why can’t I control my body heat?

You need to check the underlying cause that triggers heat in your body so that you can reduce it.

4.    Does lemon water reduce body heat?

Yes, lemon water helps in reducing body heat.



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