10 Personal Hygiene Practices

What are Personal Hygiene Practices for Kids?

To make your kids follow personal hygiene habits, you should start practicing them first. Remember, children imitate what we do. So it goes without saying that we should practice before we preach!

You can show them examples of personal hygiene which come in the form of animated cartoons that can help your kids understand the importance of personal hygiene habits.

We have listed down a few tips that can help your kids to follow healthy hygiene habits.

10 Personal Hygiene Practices that Tell You Why is Personal Hygiene Important

1.    Food Hygiene

Unhealthy food habits are one of the main reasons for food poisoning that can lead to vomiting, diarrhea, or stomach pains. It is important to ensure hygiene when preparing, or serving food to your kids. Ask your kid to wash his/her hands thoroughly before and after eating and wipe them off with a clean cloth.

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2.    Hand Hygiene

Washing hands frequently is important because it can reduce the chances of contracting diseases like diarrhea. Make your child understand how germs can affect their body and spread from hands to their food. Teach your kids to wash their hands after they use the bathroom, touch an animal, play outside, sneeze or cough, clean the house, eat their food, etc.

3.    Sleep Hygiene

For your child to get a good night’s sleep, sleep hygiene is extremely important. It creates a disciplined pattern where your kid will be awake during the day & rest during the night. Teach them the importance of sleep so that they will also learn its benefits. Avoid intake of caffeine, chocolates, sodas, tea before going to bed

4.    Vocal Hygiene

At times, a lot of children develop a habit of shouting when they don’t get what they desire or if they are ignored. Due to this, their vocal cords may get stressed and even get damaged. So always encourage them to speak in a normal tone. Always keep them hydrated. Avoid arguments.

5.    Oral Hygiene

It is very significant to take care of your kid’s mouth and teeth. With poor oral hygiene, Your kid can develop bad breath, cavities, and other oral diseases. Make sure your child brushes his/her teeth twice a day. Also, clean the tongue to remove any bacteria.

6.    Haircare

Poor hair hygiene can lead to lice, dandruff, and infections of the scalp. Your child can get infected while playing outside with his/her friends. To avoid this, it is important to take care of your child’s scalp. Wash your kid’s scalp at least twice a week. If your child has lice, treat them immediately. Teach your child to comb her hair daily.

7.    Nail Hygiene

Children’s nails tend to accumulate a lot of dirt & microbes as they mostly play in the mud, sand, or in dirty grounds. At times, they may even get their nails injured or contaminated. Do not allow your kids to bite nails. Tell them that they may ingest microbes by doing so. Cut their nails as they grow.

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8.    Bathing Hygiene

Taking bath every day can keep your child clean and healthy. Teach your child to take bath twice a day – before school and after school. Encourage them to clean their armpits, legs, groins, and feet.

9.    Foot Hygiene

Sweaty feet can really get smelly! Wearing shoes all day and especially without socks can make your child’s feet sweatier. This can build up dirt and bacterial on your child’s feet. To avoid this, ensure your child washes your feet while taking bath. Scrub it off with and also clean in between the toes.

10.   Toilet Hygiene

The toilet is one of the places which contains the maximum germs. So it is very important to keep your bathroom clean. By teaching your child about toilet hygiene, you can prevent a lot of diseases that are likely to get spread due to an unhygienic bathroom. Teach them to wash their hands after they use the toilet.

Parents need to emphasize the importance of personal hygiene for students who go to school because they get exposed to more people and new environments. The above-mentioned tips are also the same as personal hygiene tips for students. You can simply follow the same!


1.    What is personal hygiene for kids?

Personal hygiene is to maintain cleanliness & discipline.

2.    What are the personal hygiene practices?

Brushing, Combing, Bathing, cleaning nails, ears, etc are some of the personal hygiene practices

3.    What is the most important hygiene practice for children?

Food hygiene, Toilet Hygiene, Oral Hygiene are some of the important practices for children

4.    What are 5 good hygiene practices?

Washing hands frequently, Taking bath twice, Brushing teeth twice, cleaning nails, and combing hair



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