Personality vs Appearance

Having good looks can take you only to a certain extent. Yes, you may probably catch people’s attention or even make the best first impression than others which may eventually fade. It is only the good personality of a person that will draw people and keep them stay in the longer run and this is indeed the key to living a successful life. How you carry yourself does matter not only in your personal life but to grow in your professional ladder as well. And that’s why people nowadays put more effort & interest in the aspects of personality development. It is your nature of personality that will make you stand out and inspire people around you.

What is personality development?

Personality development is all about nurturing your talent, building your capacities, enhancing new skill sets, identifying your weakness and transforming the same as your strength. So investing in personality development will help you harness your strength. By focusing on your individual personality development, you will be able to enhance your capabilities and achieve your dreams and turn your aspirations into reality. Hard work is imperative when it comes to development and there is no substitute for it. So chart out a plan and set a goal to concentrate on your personality development.

 Types of Personality

According to psychology, the 16 Myer-Briggs Personality types are listed below:

  1. The Inspector (ISTJ personality)
  2. The Counselor (INFJ personality)
  3. The Mastermind (INTJ personality)
  4. The Giver (ENFJ personality)
  5. The Craftsman (ISTP personality)
  6. The Provider (ESFJ personality)
  7. The Idealist (INFP personality)
  8. The Performer (ESFP personality)
  9. The Champion (ENFP personality)
  10. The Doer (ESTP personality)
  11. The Supervisor (ESTJ personality)
  12. The Commander (ENTJ personality)
  13. The Thinker (INTP personality)
  14. The Nurturer (ISFJ personality)
  15. The Visionary (ENTP personality)
  16. The Composer (ISFP personality)

Extraversion (E), Thinking (T), Sensing (S), Judgement (J), Intuition (N), Introversion (I), Perception (P), Feeling (F).

Characteristics of Personality:

  1. Personality is said to be unique in each individual. It refers to both the internal and external qualities of a person. It is quite impossible to imitate or reproduce the qualities of one’s personality.
  2. Each individual may have certain feelings as well as some permanent qualities and traits. Personality refers to permanent or persistent qualities that depict themselves in form of social behaviour and adapt themselves with the environment.
  3. Personality denotes a robust orientation of organism to the environment. It denotes the process of learning. It all happens in reference to the environment. We cannot acquire all the traits of personality in a single moment.
  4. Personality can be greatly influenced by social interactions. Personality is not said to be an individual quality. It is a by-product of social interaction. Thereby, when we connect with people in society, we tend to gain certain qualities. All these together may form an individual’s personality.
  5. In Personality, various qualities can be integrated into one. And this integration will be a result of organization which may differ from individual to individual. The behaviour of a person towards an individual may differ from the behaviour of another person. That is why we include the condition of a suitable environment.

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Importance of Personality development

There is a myriad of reasons why personality development is considered to be imperative. Let us look at a few of them below:

  • Personality development helps you discover your own qualities
  • It enables you to make the right decisions and also helps you choose wisely
  • It builds that one robust quality in you, which is your confidence. Those people who are confident tend to be successful in life
  • It enables you to communicate precisely, convincingly, and clearly
  • Once you develop your personality, your peers and colleagues will see you as a leader

Tips for Personality development:

Your personality is not said to be static & unchangeable. You can develop it to a better form. Enhance your strength and work on your weaknesses. So that you will have a roadmap to create the best version of yourself.

  1. Come out of your comfort zone
  2. Every day counts – Make it stronger
  3. Be aware of your area of excellence
  4. Always be optimistic
  5. Evaluate yourself
  6. Build a strong network around you
  7. Read as much as possible
  8. Enhance your body language


In today’s competitive world, it is significant to build our personal brand. For professional success, give a vision to your personality. In this blog, we have thoroughly discussed the significance & tips for personality development. Now that you have read it, make sure to work on the same!


  1. Why does always personality matters more than appearance?

Personality reflects the attitude and behaviour of a person while appearances can only depict the outer looks.

  1. Which Is More Important – Personality or Appearance?

It is the personality that defines a person so personality is more important than appearance.

  1. Is physical appearance enhances our personality?

Physical appearance may indirectly enhance our personality by the way we carry ourselves.

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