Importance Of Human Rights

Why Human Rights Should Be Universal?

What Are Human Rights?

Human rights are said to be standards that protect and recognize the dignity of every human being. It governs how individuals live in a society with each other and also their relationship with the state and its obligation towards them. Human rights law tends to oblige the government to do certain things and at the same time prevent it from doing some of them. Every individual has a responsibility in using their basic human rights; for example, respecting the rights of others. No individual, group, or government has the right to violate the rights of others.

Irrespective of our background, what we look like, where we live, what we believe, or what we think, the inherent value of every individual is recognized by human rights. They are entirely based on principles of equality, mutual respect, and dignity which are shared across philosophies, religions, and cultures. It is all about fairly treatment and also treating others fairly. Human rights are not said to be western concepts neither they are the product of western culture.

They are entirely based on values that are common to every major culture. They are independent & interrelated. The realization of a particular right may depend on the realization of the other right. For example, the realization of the right to health can depend on the realization of the right to information or the right to education.

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Importance Of Human Rights

  • Human rights ensure that the basic needs of humans are met. Everyone needs access to food and water, shelter, clothes, and medicine. Human rights enable activists to work towards meeting the basic needs of everyone.
  • Human rights protect individuals from abuse. Organizations that are concerned with human rights take care of a vulnerable group of society from getting abused.
  • Human rights give freedom of expression and speech. It enables people to argue or debate the ideas that are being expressed in their society. With no fear, individuals get the freedom to speak & express themselves freely.
  • Human rights allow people to choose what they love. Doing what you love is an essential human right and this can never be understated.
  • Human rights promote equal work opportunities. It encourages equality and also guides how workers should be treated.
  • Human rights give access to education. It provides access to schooling and supplies, to stop the cycle of poverty. It makes education available to everyone.
  • Human rights help to protect our environment. Anything that happens to the environment may directly impact our human life. Thereby, the right to clean water, clean air, and clean soil are also considered as important as other rights that are included in the list.

Human Rights Are Universal

Every individual living everywhere in this world is entitled to enjoy the benefits of human rights. No one can give it up nor take it away from others. Also, Human rights are said to be indivisible. The universal declaration of Human rights was indeed a milestone in the history of human rights. Representatives drafted it based on different cultural and legal backgrounds from all the religions that exist in the world. On 10th December 1948 – in Paris, the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed the declaration as a common standard of achievements for all nations.

For the first time, it sets out the fundamental human rights that have to be universally protected. It was even translated into 500 languages. It was widely recognized and inspired paving the way for more than seventy human rights treaties that are being applied permanently basis at both regional and global levels.

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Every person is entitled to free, active, and meaningful participation in both contributing and enjoying the political, civil, social, economic, and cultural development through which fundamental freedom and human rights can be realized. All individuals should be equally treated as human beings and are entitled to human rights with no discrimination of any kind like sex, color, language, age, ethnicity, political, religion or other opinions, disability, national or social origin, birth, property, or any other status as mentioned by the human rights treaty bodies.


  1. Why should there be universal human rights?

Universal human rights ensure the worth and dignity of humans and also guarantee the well-being of humans.

  1. Can human rights be universal?

Yes, human rights are universal. Every individual is entitled to their human rights.




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