What are the Benefits of Eating Watermelon Seeds

What are the Benefits of Eating Watermelon Seeds?

When it is summer one can never miss indulging in watermelon. It is one of the most loved seasonal fruit which is juicy and hydrating. It carries 92% of water and is also enriched with essential minerals and vitamins. And when we say watermelon, you may probably picture only the red squashy fruit but not the seeds.

We are accustomed to spitting them out as we eat. Yes, here we are talking about watermelon seeds for eating! Do you know that watermelon seeds carry magical nutrient properties?

Watermelon benefits you with these tiny seeds that are super-nutritious & healthy. Watermelon seeds are low in calories and rich in micronutrients like magnesium, zinc, potassium, etc. They help in boosting your immunity, keep your heart healthy, and also helps in controlling blood sugar levels.

Health benefits of Watermelon Seeds

1. Good for Heart & Immunity

Watermelon seeds are linked with better health & stronger immunity. As these seeds carry magnesium they are capable of curing hypertension which is related to heart health. Consuming these tiny healthy seeds in moderate quantity can boost your heart health and also helps in maintaining your blood pressure

2. For Stronger Bones

Watermelon seeds are rich in minerals like manganese, copper, and potassium. These minerals along with other micronutrients help in keeping your bones healthier. Watermelon seeds help in strengthening your bones and also improves bone density.

3. Boosts Metabolism

Watermelon seeds are said to be a powerhouse of nutrients like iron, folate, copper, zinc, magnesium, potassium, etc. And that’s why these seeds are considered to be highly nutritious. Also, they are rich in proteins, amino acids, and vitamin B complex. Together, all these nutrients work in boosting your body’s metabolism.

4. No Unhealthy Fat

Watermelon seeds contain healthy fats which are considered to be extremely important for your body. These seeds are said to be a good source of healthy fatty acids like linoleum acid, oleic acid which helps in the proper functioning of the body.

5. Good for Diabetics

Watermelon seeds help in controlling diabetes. It is known to reduce high sugar levels and therefore, it can be a good snack option for diabetics.

6. For Glowing Skin

Watermelon seeds for benefit for skin go way longer than we can ever imagine! Watermelon seed oil is used as the main ingredient for cosmetic-related products and it works wonders in treating early signs of aging & acne. These seeds carry antioxidants that reverse early skin aging.

Also, consuming these seeds can make your skin glow. To get visibly healthy skin, you can add watermelon seeds to your daily diet. As watermelon seeds are rich in fatty acids, they tend to prevent dryness and helps your damaged skin by providing hydration.

7. For Healthy Hair:

Now let us talk about the Watermelon seed’s benefit for hair. The seeds are filled with iron & proteins are known to enhance the quality & texture of your hair. It also helps in strengthening your hair strands & promotes hair re-growth. As watermelon seeds are rich in magnesium they make the hair healthy by preventing hair fall & damage.

8. For Weight Loss:

A handful of watermelon seeds that weighs about 4gms will contain just 23 calories. Less than a bag of potato chips. Also, watermelon seeds are said to be rich in healthy fats; they contain both monounsaturated & polyunsaturated fatty acids.

So how to eat watermelon seeds for weight loss? You can either chew them while you eat the fruit or you can roast them & consume it as a crunchy & healthy snack. You can also simply add them to your salad and enjoy the benefits. If you don’t prefer to eat it as a seed you can make it into a powder and add it to your food as per your preference.

9. Improves Male Fertility

Now let us look at the Watermelon seed’s benefits for men. It contains a high amount of zinc which is crucial for the male reproductive system. Zinc can help to improve the quality of sperm which is considered the major issue in male fertility.

10. Benefits During Pregnancy

Watermelon seeds benefits for female especially during pregnancy is quite high. As these seeds are considered to be rich in essential minerals, low in calories, and high in nutritional value, they help in healthy fetal growth. Also, potassium present in watermelon seeds helps in bone development & strong teeth in the fetus.

The benefits do not stop here; it goes way beyond just seeds and serves as healthy watermelon seed oil which works wonders for your hair and skin. It is also used in baby oils as it has good moisturizing properties. It also prevents acne and helps in giving a glow to your skin.


1. Is it good to eat watermelon seeds?

Yes, it is healthy to eat watermelon seeds as it is rich in essential minerals & high in nutritional value.

2. What happens if we eat watermelon seeds?

You would gain a lot of health benefits by consuming watermelon seeds.

3. How do you eat watermelon seeds?

You can consume the seeds along with the fruit or you can dry roast or powder it.

4. Is it bad to eat black watermelon seeds?

No, it is not bad to eat watermelon seeds. They are edible.

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