Are Travel Agents Worth It

Are Travel Agents Worth It?

Benefits of Using Travel Agents

Whether to opt for a travel agent or not is purely based on the type of vacation you have planned. If you are going on a solo trip then probably you can find cost-effective solutions all by yourself without opting for a travel agent. But if you are traveling as a large group to somewhere exotic then you may need a travel agent.

Travel agents are said to be far more valuable by providing you guidance and booking the right vacation. Time-consuming tasks like booking low-cost flights, rental cars, hotel stay, and receiving up-to-date information about traveling will be entirely taken care of by your travel agent. Believe it or not, travel agents have access to information that may be unavailable to you. They have access to daily deals that may not be found on the internet.

Let us look at the benefits of using a travel agent 2021 for your vacation:

1. Now let us discuss ‘how much do travel agents cost’. The cost of having a travel agent is usually marginal, and most of the time they don’t charge you at all. They get paid by wholesalers and hotels they do business with.

They get a percentage of the amount from the vendors that we end up booking with. So if they provide you with a super vacation then you may come back to them again when you plan for a vacation. You can be assured that they will get you the best deals to meet your travel needs.

2. Many times you may miss a discount while booking a flight or hotel. Travel agents play a vital role in areas like this. They listen to you first; they take time to know your travel desires, your preferences and understand the type of trip that you are looking for. If a location chosen by you has health concerns or risks of any natural calamities then they will come up with an alternative that may best fit your travel group.

3. It feels comfortable when you have a person who communicates everything for you. They constantly keep checking and maintain everything on track to meet your standards & fit your budget. When you have a person to talk to throughout your journey, it simply makes you feel more confident & clear.

4. You book a vacation for pleasure while agents purely do it for their living. Travel agents keep constantly improving their skills in following trends, best communication methods, and researching. One of the best things about choosing a travel agent is their expertise and knowledge regarding your vacation spot.

They know the in and out of everything – be it renting a car, public transport, or any other alternatives. They can tell you about the nearby attractions that will be worth your time and what you can skip. They can also advise you on the best restaurants and fun activities based on the interest of your group.

5. Do you know that some of the best deals are not available to the public? They may not be available on search engines or booking websites. Notwithstanding, through memberships or organizations, travel planners gain admittance to such arrangements, regardless of whether they are low rates, redesigns, or comprehensive bundle costs. Well, you may also be treated like a VIP when you book a hotel through your travel agent.

6. It is normal to overlook something when you are planning your vacation. Travel agents will think about the things that you may miss. Your travel agent will simply know to put together the missing pieces to make your trip complete.

Having discussed the pros of having a travel agent, let us now look at the cons of choosing a travel agent. The disadvantages of using a travel agent are listed below:

  • There are chances that your travel agent may charge you a fee while booking your flights, hotels, etc
  • If you are an experienced traveler, you can do it all by yourself and save the time & effort of interacting with a travel agent
  • You may be referred to services with which your travel agent has a tie-up with
  • You have to follow your agent’s schedule
  • If you don’t choose the right travel agent then it can be a mess
  • You cannot make sudden changes or cancellations. You have to go by the plan of your agent

So next time when you plan for a trip, and you are confused between ‘travel agent vs do it’, you can do some basic research before you connect with a travel agent. If you think that opting for a travel agent can benefit you then you can go for it!


1. Is it worth it to work with a travel agent?

If you are going on a group tour then it is worth working with a travel agent.

2. Are travel agents worth it in 2021?

Yes, it is worth it as they will know every detail of the location that you choose.

3. What are the benefits of using a travel agent?

The main benefit of choosing a travel agent is that you can save both your time & money on your vacation.

4. Why use a travel agent instead of booking online?

You can simply avoid the stress of planning and you easily avail everything into your frame of budget and interest.

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