How Sports Bring Us Together

How Do Sports Bring Us Together?

Sports can be seen as a way for people to unite. Maybe you are cheering on a team from an arena or stadium or simply through social media or with your teammates in your locker room, there is probably one goal – it is to win! And the differences are always set aside.

Religion, race, political views, and sexual orientation are all considered to be a non-factor, while athletes and fans prepare for battle with their sisters & brothers. If life was like a locker room, or if people from different backgrounds experienced what it is to be like to fight together towards the same goal, probably the world have been a better place by now!

How do Sports Bring Together Friends Families and Communities?

Both in life & sports, we should always push each other to be the best person we can be. Your teammates become your friends; you sweat together, practice together, bleed together, learn together, and cry together. You will more often than not gain from one another.

You gain an in-depth understanding from a different perspective and also realize how people react to a situation differently. Sports teach us a lot of life lessons that can be applied in our daily life. Just like the mutual understanding you have with your teammate, you can show the same to your family, friends, or even your neighbor.

You can help and motivate each other; you can help your family and community grow to greater heights. By being respectful & supportive, you bring together not only your teammates but also your friends, family, and community. Community sports also help build a bond among neighbors.

Also, studies found that families that participate in community sports build deeper connections with other families and it also gives them a greater sense of being a part of the community.

How the Power of Sport can Bring us Together and Drive Social Justice?

  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, sports have brought people together
  • Many leagues applied innovative solutions to overcome health & safety challenges
  • Sports leagues & icons have leveraged their platforms to address critical social justice issues

Even during the lockdowns during the Covid-19, people stayed united for one common purpose – sports. Major international sports leagues started returning to stadiums with new safety measures to address the challenging pandemic’s risks and bring back sports to the field. At the same time, athletes and sports organizations leveraged their platforms to spotlight social justice issues.

The re-opening of sports facilities and the return of sports have significantly improved the mental health of athletes and sports fans who were at risk of mental health issues due to isolation.

As COVID-19 vaccine distribution is expanding on a wide horizon and fans have already started returning to the stadiums, sports is back to its full form in connecting people and community. It simply proves that it is what brings the world together!

Sports can be considered as a vehicle for tolerance, well-being, and a means of raising awareness and also minimizing cultural differences. Sports icons also play a significant role in showcasing sportsmanship and model behavior. Like Michael Jordan of the 90s who encouraged athleticism among young fans who played basketball.

Sports and Unity

Sports build friendships between nations. It unites nations. It creates peace between countries. Each country invites the other country for the world cup.

Sport builds similarity among people. Sports also support nation-building by creating a sense of unity and national pride. They additionally draw ensure consideration towards a country via its cooperation or facilitating of a global game.

Sports can support nation-building in four ways:

  • Sports can build tolerance, understanding, and respect
  • Sports has the power to combat racism, discrimination, and human rights
  • Sports builds relationships across religion, cultures, age, income, language, etc
  • Sports bring nationalism between the citizens of the country

Sports can prevent the following that can impede nation-building:

  • A misunderstanding that arises due to racism
  • Arguments that arises as people support different teams


Sport brings people together and teaches valuable life lessons like teamwork, respect, perseverance, and selflessness. It boosts self-esteem and also enhances problem-solving skills. It helps to unite friends, family, and community. And it also keeps the countries united!


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