Food you should avoid during menstruation

Food You Should Avoid During Menstruation

Are you aware that your diet plays an important role during your menstrual

There can be many reasons for stomach pain during periods and eating the wrong food can be one. You should know what you can eat and which food should be avoided. Periods can be the toughest phase, especially for women who undergo painful periods with bad period cramps. In that case, it is very important to eat healthy food during menstruation days. Eating wrong food during your periods can actually have an impact on your body. It is
quite usual to have cravings which may lead to more unhealthy options. It is always better to find healthy alternatives to solve your food cravings. In this blog, we will read more about foods that need to be avoided during periods.

1. Caffeine

Limit the intake of caffeine during your periods. Though it does not have a direct impact, it can actually shorten the length of periods. It can also lead to headaches or increased urination sometimes. Consuming caffeine during your periods may also cause dehydration which can worsen symptoms like cramps, discomfort, and stomach pain during periods. You can opt for green tea, vegetable soup, or any fruit juice instead of consuming caffeine products.

2. Alcohol

Consuming alcohol during your periods can cause discomfort so it is better to be avoided. Intake of alcohol can lead to swelling of the lower abdomen. This can also lead to irregular periods and may increase the estrogen levels in your body. This can worsen your menstruation symptoms. Instead of consuming alcohol, try for healthy alternatives. Drinking healthy can keep you hydrated during your periods.

3. Processed foods

Generally, it is recommended to avoid processed foods in our daily life and it is even more important to avoid such food during the menstruation period. Processed food like canned soup, frozen food, fast food, etc., should be avoided during your periods as it can lead to constipation, discomfort, and stomach pain. So it is always better to avoid processed or canned food during your periods. Always prefer home cooked food like salad, khichdi, oatmeal,etc.

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4. High fat food

Food that contains high fat can actually affect your hormonal activities in your body and may cause painful symptoms during menstruation. Say for example, trans fat or saturated fat can increase cramps, inflammation and pain. So it is better to reduce or avoid fat intake and opt to eat healthy food like wheat bread, lentils, salmon fish, oatmeal and lean meats.

5. Dairy products

Consuming dairy products like cheese, milk, and cream during your menstruation may cause discomfort. They actually contain a huge amount of
arachidonic acid and may increase the risk of stomach pain and discomfort during menstruation. So instead of consuming these kinds of dairy products, you can actually consume butter milk or toned milk.

6. Fried food

Avoid eating any type of fried food during your menstruation time. Not only outside but also do not even eat home made fried food. It carries a huge
amount of trans fat and may tend to increase estrogen levels and will lead to mood changes and discomfort. So rather than eating fried food, you can eat crunchy vegetables like carrots, cucumber, roasted snacks, etc. These are considered to be the best foods during periods.

7. Salt consumption

Excess of salt can also get problematic during your periods because you may feel more lethargic, bloated, and uncomfortable. Also, consuming sour food like pickles can be harmful during your periods. It may contain a lot of sodium which will lead to more pain.

8. Red meat

Avoid eating red meat as it may increase pain during your periods as it contains acids that will make the prostate gland more active and this may
increase the pain.


What you eat does have an impact on your body during your periods. Though there may be several other reasons for cramps and spotting before
periods or stomach pain before period, you need to have an eye on your food consumption even before your period cycle. Intake of some foods make
your period heavier, so it is always better to avoid eating such food. During your periods, it is very important to know what diet to follow so that you stay healthy during your periods' cycle. We have elaborated on what food items you can avoid during your menstruation period and what you can replace it with.

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1. Why do I have Painful Cramps on my period?

During your menstruation, your uterus will tend to contract in order to expel its lining. So uterine muscle contractions will be triggered by hormone-like substances like prostaglandins. When there is a higher level of prostaglandins the more severe the cramp will be.

2. What we should not eat during periods?

You can avoid eating caffeine, alcohol, dairy products, processed foods, etc.

3. Can I eat chocolate during periods?

Yes, eating dark chocolate can help reduce pain as it is rich in magnesium.

4. What food to avoid during periods?

Avoid having salty food items during your period.

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