Feeling Sick After Traveling

Can Traveling Make You Sick?

Feeling Sick After Traveling 

Though there is a saying that travel makes us rich with experiences, one cannot deny that it may also make us sick! Whether you are packing up for a solo trip or a road trip with your entire family, vacation may come up with surprises that can test your immune system. When we travel, our bodies may undergo a lot of stress. And that stress can decrease our immune system, making us susceptible to illness.

Feeling sick after traveling can be terrible and the most common health issues that many faces after a vacation include:

  • Fever
  • Minor cold
  • Stomach upset

Though these ailments are considered to be mild, it is important to monitor your symptoms and seek medical help if it gets worse or if it persists for a long period. Also, ensure to avoid traveling when sick!

Why Do We Fall Sick After a Trip?

From changes in our daily routine to unsanitary quarters, travel can put our health at risk. Let’s talk about illness after international travel or air travel. You may wonder, ‘why do I get sick when I travel in the air?’

Probably, we may believe that it is the recirculated and germy air that causes the sickness after a plane ride but the real reason can also be due to low humidity. When you are flying high in the sky, the high elevations can cause the humidity level in the plane to decrease. And this decrease in humidity can make our throats and nose dry up testing our body’s defense mechanism.

To prevent this, you need to stay well hydrated. By doing so, your throat and nose will be lined with mucus and it will create a barrier to keep the germs out.

Feeling sick after a road trip? Thinking ‘why do I always get a cold when I travel?’ It may be due to other factors like a change in your routine or even a change in weather. During a vacation, we try everything outside, whether it is water, food, accommodation, alcohol, or even staying the whole night.

At times, our bodies may be vulnerable to new things and may not accept them. Also, overindulgence in any activity during a vacation can take a toll on our health and weaken our immune system. Try as much as possible to stick to your routine though it may be difficult.

Be on alert in crowded & trafficked areas where the spread of germs could be highly possible. Be a little cautious when you use public restrooms and handles of doors or taxis. You should be mindful of your hygiene to prevent catching an infection from your fellow travelers.

Hand washing is considered to be the best defense to prevent the spread of germs. Do not forget to wash your hands frequently and also avoid touching your nose, eyes, and mouth. Especially after the Pandemic, we are one step even more cautious about everything when it comes to traveling.

What if I Get Sick with COVID While Traveling?

As COVID vaccines are now available, most of the countries have opened their borders for travelers. But still, there is some minimal risk involved as vaccination is still under progress in a few countries and variants are arising. If you test COVID-19 positive while traveling, it is important to be responsible to avoid spreading it.

You may have to stay wherever you are for some time until you test negative. And the same depends on the restrictions of the country wherever you are. Reschedule your return flight based on the time whenever you are likely to test negative. You can do all these via phone through an agent or even through online services as you cannot step outside.

Find a place to stay for your isolation period. Look for accommodation where you do not have to leave out for meals, restroom, or anything else. As a next step, you can now schedule your next COVID-19 test.

Travelling does give you a lot of memories & moments and at the same time sickness can spoil all of it. But by taking preventive measures one can ensure to have a pleasant & memorable travel experience!

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