Are Sun Tanning Beds Safe

Are Sun Tanning Beds Safe?

A tanning bed is a device that emits ultraviolet radiation to produce a cosmetic tan. These tanning beds are used to artificially get a tanned brown skin tone. Unlike tanning which is the process of skin darkening under skin exposure, the artificial tanning method includes the usage of tanning beds to get the tan.

The leap of technology is such that one can get the desired tan simply by using these tanning beds. But are these tanning beds considered safer than the sun? Are they going to help your body get the vitamin D it needs?

You should probably think twice before you opt for one because the risks involved in using tanning beds can be deadly. There has been a lot of questions discussed the danger of tanning beds.

There are a lot of scientific studies that have answered such questions. Let us discuss some facts about tanning beds:


Tanning beds can no way be compared to the sun. Experts say that there are no such tanning beds/tanning booth/sun lamp that is safe. Remember, just one session of indoor tanning can increase the risk of skin cancer.

Though people even look out for tanning beds that don’t cause cancer, the warning labels on this indoor tanning equipment are quite evident that they have high risks of skin cancer. And with regards to tanning beds and skin cancer statistics, each year more than 4,19,000 skin cancer cases in the US are linked to using indoor tanning.


Tanning beds can make your skin age very quickly. Age spots, wrinkles, and loss of skin firmness may tend to appear very much earlier for those using the indoor tanning method. Also, one who gets tanned may develop leathery skin.


Using tanning beds can lead to serious injuries. Across the United States, in emergency rooms, people are treated for loss of consciousness, burns, and eye injuries that are caused by using indoor tanning.


You cannot prevent sunburn just because you have a base tan. Many people are under
a belief that the base tan that they get from using the tanning bed will prevent sunburn. It is an absolute myth.

You can still get sunburn even if you have your base tan. And every time you burn or tan, you are the DNA of your skin. The more the DNA is damaged, the more are the risks of getting skin cancer. You reduce the risk of getting skin cancer by opting not to tan.


You can’t get Vitamin D from tanning beds. If you ever heard that you will get enough Vitamin D by using a tanning bed then know that it doesn’t. UVA light is only emitted by tanning beds whereas your body needs UVB light to make Vitamin D. Get Vitamin D safely, dermatologists recommend consuming a healthy diet.


Tanning can get addictive! Getting addicted to tanning is a real risk. Often people who are addicted to tanning will find it hard to stop it. They may also get depressed which is a clear sign of addiction.


Tanning can make your stretch marks more visible.


Quitting or never starting to use tanning beds can help you live longer. When you choose not to tan, you are reducing the risk of getting skin cancer including melanoma.


Not safe for eyes. If a person lies on a tanning bed without the eyes covered, the rays may penetrate the cornea of the eyes and may end up in a cataract.

So is tanning once a week safe? As already discussed above, even one session of using a tanning bed can increase the risks of skin cancer. For the question – ‘How to use tanning bed safely?’ or ‘Are tanning beds safe in moderation?’

Science says that there is no way a tanning bed can be safe. There are many safe ways to get the tan you desire rather than using tanning beds. You can also prefer using store-bought spray tans, lotions, or creams.

With such products available, there is no real need to use tanning beds. Because of the side effects that they cause to the skin, tanning beds are recommended to be avoided.


1. Are tanning beds worse for you than the sun?

Yes, tanning beds are considered to be harmful than the sun.

2. Are sunbeds safe in moderation?

Even one session of using the tanning beds can increase the risks of skin cancer. So no it is not safe.

3. What are 5 minutes in a tanning bed equivalent to?

5 minutes in a tanning bed will be equivalent to around an hour in the direct sun.

4. Is it safe to go on a sunbed every day?

No, it is not safe to go on a sunbed every day.

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