8 Simple Meditations to Relieve Stress and Anxiety

8 Simple Meditations to Relieve Stress and Anxiety

As someone wise once said, “Meditation is the only path to freedom from stress, tension, and anxiety. Meditation provides a deep state of relaxation and a tranquil mind.” During meditation, your focus and attention can eliminate the jumbled thoughts that often clutter your mind and lead to stress and anxiety. These meditation practices can result in enhanced physical and mental well-being.

There is a prominent meditation technique: “When you focus your mind on specific objects and thoughts, it can help alleviate mental stress and provide instant relaxation to your mind.” Additionally, “Mantra Meditation” can also reduce anxiety and stress. Investing some time in learning meditation can build resilience to cope with stress. There are numerous meditation steps people can follow. Here, we share the simplest meditation techniques that you can practice anytime, even in your office or outside of your home. These techniques can be used whenever you seek inner peace.

Simple Meditation Techniques to Relieve Stress and Anxiety:

Here, we will share quick stress relief meditation methods to reduce your stress and anxiety levels. All of them share the same goal of achieving relaxation and inner peace.

Guided Meditation: 

Guided meditation, also known as guided imagery or guided visualization, allows you to visualize a place or situation that can help you focus and control your mind, reducing distracting thoughts. You can even incorporate your favorite scents, music, and sights that bring you peace.

Mantra Meditation:

Mantra meditation not only reduces stress and anxiety but also enhances self-awareness, provides a greater sense of calm, increases self-compassion, and fosters a more positive outlook. This mindfulness process involves repeating words or phrases to calm the mind. Take a comfortable sitting position and start your chosen mantra for inner peace.

Qi Gong Meditation:

This Chinese exercise is linked to physical and mental health. It reduces stress and anxiety, improves focus, flexibility, and balance. Moreover, it helps prevent certain chronic diseases, enhances mental flexibility, and boosts spirituality. Qigong promotes a healthy mind and body.


Yoga, with its controlled breathing and mindful poses requiring balance and concentration, promotes a calm mindset and a healthy body. It encourages you to focus less on your hectic day and more on the present moment. Yoga not only reduces stress but also aids in weight management, enhances athletic performance, maintains a balanced metabolism, and increases muscle strength and tone.

Body Scan Meditation:

This body scan technique offers various mental and physical health benefits, including increased awareness, reduced stress, pain management, improved focus, and the development of self-compassion and gratitude. Sit in a comfortable position, focus on your breathing, and scan sensations from your head to your toes without judgment.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Mindfulness meditation helps reduce stress, improves emotional and physical well-being, and increases happiness in life. It makes it easier to savor life’s pleasures as they occur, engage fully in activities, and reduces heart disease, lowers blood pressure, improves sleep quality, and alleviates gastrointestinal issues.

Breath Focus Meditation:

This simple yet powerful technique, also known as abdominal and belly breathing, is especially useful for individuals with eating disorders, helping them focus on their bodies in a positive way. However, it may not be suitable for those with asthma, breathing issues, or heart problems.

Walking Meditation:

Walking meditation offers numerous benefits. It encourages moment-to-moment awareness of your breath while you observe your surroundings, sounds, and scents. The goal is to shift your focus from problems and find inner peace.


These simple meditation techniques can help relieve stress and anxiety. Regular practice can help eliminate negativity and bring peace to your mind and body. Try each of the meditations mentioned above to find the one that works best for you and aids in your healing. If you still experience disruptions, don’t hesitate to seek therapy or medical counseling.

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How can meditation help improve overall mental health?

Meditation exercises typically provide peace, calm, and relaxation for both the body and mind. They help alleviate stress and enhance your focus on other activities.

What are some common meditation techniques for stress relief?

Common meditation techniques for stress relief include Yoga, progressive muscle relaxation, Tai Chi, Qigong, Mindfulness, Walking meditation, and more.

How long does it typically take to experience the benefits of meditation for stress relief?

It usually takes about eight weeks of daily meditation to experience the benefits. During this time, your brain begins to see improvements in focus, emotional control, and better decision-making.


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