Are Sports Cards A Good Investment

Are Sports Cards a Good Investment?

Sports Card Investing

If you belong to the 70s or 80s, it was a way of life back then to collect and invest in sports cards. Mostly, the shoeboxes will be stuffed with sports cards to the brim. Currently, investing in the sports card has got in line with the digital age. And just like remaking some of our old movies & TV shows, the sports card market trends are in a full swing. So if you are thinking about investing in a sports card then this article will help you know everything.

Why Invest in Sports Cards?

The prices of sports cards have reached new heights due to the following reasons:

  • Kids who actually flipped sneakers are just getting right into the game. The difference in sportscards is that you can buy them in higher volume than you can with sneakers; with sneakers, you may get only one pair online, and with sports cards, you buy as many as you want as per your budget.
  • Nostalgia can drive you to sportscards! Men & women who belong to the 80s grew up with sports cards and hence, they love seeing their kids also follow the same hobby as they did.
  • Buying sports cards is also tied to the rise of sports betting. It is like when you buy a pack of sports cards and you hope to pull out a $50,000 Zion card; it is similar to the excitement that you get from betting on games.

So all this builds as a perfect storm for sports cards’ value to go high in value today!

The other intriguing element is that the concept of trading sports cards is considered “art” by the current generation. As values & attitudes shift, there are a lot of people who get into the act of displaying say a Michael Jordan Rookie card right in their house so that they can showcase the same to their friends instead of just hanging some painting. If you remember it is how Justin Bieber showed his Pokeman card collection which was hanging on his wall.

Also, the supply & demand elements and scarcity of certain sports cards definitely make it an interesting long-term investment. The sports card stock market is gaining attention from people as it could increase in value just like fine art.

It is not like trading cards will always go high or they will beat the stock market, but it is just an interesting conversation especially for those who are looking for an alternative, a small investment with fun loaded. Education is all that is needed to be successful in investing in sports cards. Mostly investing in areas on which you have no proper education may lead to a loss over time.

While we say Education is important to invest in sports cards it means figuring & analyzing what sports card to invest in, understand the supply of cards, what players to buy, and much more.

Best Sports Cards to Invest in 2021

This exciting market of investing in sports cards seems to grow over and over with no signs of stopping. Below are considered to be the Best sports cards to invest in 2021:

  1. 1980-81 Topps Larry Bird / Magic Johnson RC
  2. 1910 E90-2 American Caramel Honus Wagner
  3. All Jackie Robinson Rookies
  4. 1955 Bowman Mickey Mantle
  5. 1986 Marketcom SI Michael Jordan Test Sticker RC

As said earlier, though the sports card has its root in the early days, it is now trending & matching the current digital era. You now have a sports card investing app where you can view trending cards, search by sport, player, year, price, etc.

Know Different Card Buying Strategies

If you are looking for a long-term investment then you should think generationally so that you are not just focusing on a player who’s playing a good game now or tomorrow. You should get cards of generational icons. Flipping is for those who would buy a card for a lower price & flip it in a few weeks or months based on the player’s overall value.

And for those who think it is a hobby, you can simply collect the card of a player that you like. If you are into betting, then sports cards can be lower-risk types.

How to Find the Value of Your Sports Card?

If you have a card & would like to know its value then make sure to know the following info:

  • Year
  • Card company’s name
  • Player’s name
  • Card Number


  1. Are sports cards making a comeback?

Yes, sports card is currently trending. It is fueled by both nostalgia and the rise of some game-changing players.

  1. Can you make money selling sports cards?

A baseball card is one of the cards which is hot and sells for a lot of money.

  1. Are sports cards an asset?

Yes, the sports card is now the New “Asset Class” as it has value.

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