how to remove permanent hair dye

Are Hair Colour Removers Safe?

Hair Color Remover

Are you unable to prolong the commitment to your hair color and thinking of color removing? Wondering how to remove permanent hair dye? In this article, we will discuss in detail hair color remover and how stripping hair color at the salon/home works.

What Is Hair Color Remover?

An artificial hair color extractor which is also known as hair color stripper or hair dye remover is said to be highly effective and considered to be least harmful in removing the artificial color pigments from your hair. A color stripper is designed to remove permanent dye from the hair. These products generally do not contain bleaching agents or ammonia. So if you choose the right brand, it will not cause any significant damage to your hair.

Below We Have Shared Some Facts Which You Should Know About Hair Color Strippers:

  • As the name suggests, it is only a permanent hair color remover and it is not a henna remover or semi-permanent hair color remover. It was designed to target only the permanent hair color, so it cannot clear other artificial colors in your hair. It is considered safe because it does not affect your natural hair color.
  • If you have lightened your hair color via bleach color remover will not get you back to your natural hair. You can probably color your lightened hair to match up the darker hair color.
  • The result of the hair color remover depends on your hair situation. If it’s a recent or a month old color, then probably one color remover application will be more than enough. If you are a long-term colorer or have a good amount of color build up then you should rejuvenate your hair. You need some extra effort to clean out the color build-up to relieve your hair from the color that is weighing it down.
  • The processing time of a hair color remover will be around 20 minutes. Just wait and watch the magic happen. So what if you leave the color remover for 40 minutes? Do you think it will remove twice as much as it can? No! Leaving the hair color remover for a longer time on your hair will make your hair darker.
  • Colour remover is said to be a maintenance tool for all the hair colorers & also helps in battling against the build-up. And the color build-up is that of repeated application of color on top of color that will get accumulated in your hair. So the job of color remover is to simply remove the color build-up out and completely revive your hair.
  • After the process of color removing, your hair may be very porous & also the hair cuticle will be very open which means it will absorb anything very easily. You may probably get a darker hair color than desired if you try coloring. So before coloring your hair, you can wait for 48hrs so that your hair cuticle closes up and avoid absorbing excess color.

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Does Ion Color Remover Damage hair?

Ion hair color remover can be easily applied and it helps to remove 1 to 3 levels of pigment without damaging the natural hair color. It is designed especially for oxidative and non-oxidative colors.

Top 5 Best Shampoo For Stripping Hair Color

  • Neutrogena The Anti-Residue Formula
  • Matrix Biolage Normalizing CleanReset Shampoo
  • Nexxus Clean & pure nourishing detox shampoo
  • OUAI detox shampoo
  • Manic Panic prepare Dye clarifying shampoo

How To Use Developer And Shampoo To Remove Hair Dye?

In an empty plastic container, mix 250 ml of developer & 250 ml of shampoo. Apply the mixture to your wet hair. Leave it for 10-15 minutes and massage it every five minutes. Rinse off and apply conditioner for 10 mins.


Is Color remover bad for your hair?

Color remover removes only the artificial color pigment and will not impact the natural color pigment of your hair.

What is the safest way to strip color from your hair?

You can also use natural ingredients at home like baking soda, lemon juice, vinegar, etc to strip color from your hair.

Is color remover better than bleach?

Yes, a color remover is better because it has no damaging ingredients that can cause harm to your natural color pigment.

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