Cheerleading Scholarships 2022

Can You Get A Scholarship For Cheerleading?  

Cheerleading Scholarship

Though scholarship opportunities for cheerleading vary from program to program, they are still considered to be possible to obtain. If the cheerleading program is more established and competitive then there will be more funding available for student-athletes. In the blog, we will discuss getting cheerleading scholarships in 2022.

So if you ask if cheer scholarships for college are possible then it is absolutely yes! However, there are no official recruiting regulations available. This also means that the funding is less for the coaches in these programs.

So often one may not get full-ride scholarships for college cheerleading. But it does not mean that it is not possible to get a cheerleading scholarship. There is a myriad of colleges that proffer scholarships worth $500 to $1000 per year in order to cheerleaders for their team participation.

Over the last few years, this sport has been evolving and cheerleading scholarships are now available at top programs. Usually, the most recognized and competitive programs provide the most funding for those who got placed well at UCA or NCA championships.

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The scholarship amount one may receive may vary from program to program, so there is no actual standard scholarship amount across schools. There are schools that provide stipends and scholarships based on GPA or probably a flat rate like $2000 per academic year.

As the recruits tend to research interested colleges, they should actually take a look at that program’s history in order to see if cheerleaders can receive the aid. Also, college cheerleaders supplement any athletic aid along with other scholarships. Say, for example, colleges may provide need-based aid and academic scholarships to college athletes in order to create competitive financial aid packages.

How To Get A Cheerleading Scholarship?

Each cheerleading coach may have their own set of criteria while they recruit student-athletes; they tend to prioritize scholarships based on a multitude of factors.

We have listed down a few tips to keep in mind to get an all-star cheerleading scholarship

1. Cheer scholarships are usually available at programs that have a deep tradition of cheer and are highly competitive in the school’s history. College cheerleading is evolving and also getting competitive, so coaches lookout to bring recruits who can actually leverage their routines to the next level. Ensure that your skills stand out uniquely from the rest of the squads’. Scholarships are prioritized for cheerleaders who tend to compete. So, make sure your skills align with the expectations of the coach in order to increase your chances of getting a cheerleader scholarship.

2. College clinics are said to be an important part of the recruiting process as they enable recruits to understand what routines and skills will be performed at the tryouts. Recruits learn fight songs, sideline cheers, and stunts as well as skills required to compete on that squad. So college coaches use open gyms and clinics to scout athletes.

3. Recruits with solid test scores and a high GPA are highly valued by college coaches. Certain college cheer programs give academic scholarships to those who maintain a high GPA. So having a solid academic background can open a gateway to scholarship opportunities in most schools.

4. Every recruit cannot be evaluated in person by the college cheer coaches. So they may prefer online evaluations. Certain schools may prefer a recruiting video that depicts your skills before the student can try out for the team. It is quite important to showcase your skills so that you can send the same to college coaches at the school in which you are interested. The faster you get on to the coach’s radar, the more chances are more on receiving an invitation to try & make a squad.

Ensure the chosen school is both an athletic and academic fit. Review the team’s roster, know the desired qualification of the coach, view competition footage and also know the school’s academic acceptance information so that you would best understand if you are being accepted into that school & also receive a place in the squad.

Best colleges for cheerleading scholarships

  • University of Kentucky
  • University of Minnesota
  • University of Delaware
  • University of Hawaii
  • Concordia University Ann Arbor
  • Belmont University – Tennesse
  • Oklahoma Panhandle State University


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