Can Fitness Trackers Cause Cancer

Can Fitness Trackers Cause Cancer?

If you are embarking on a fitness journey, you would have already got yourself some colorful workout suits that would not be complete without a fitness tracker. And out there, Fitbit is the most popular fitness tracker. It tracks your every move and also offers valuable information about your daily activities.

The recent trend of wearing fitness trackers has been towering high. Are Fitness trackers safe to wear? Though people have been using fitness trackers, alongside there have been a lot of questions raised on the risk involved and the negative effects of fitness trackers.

EMF Radiation Concerns

Fitness trackers like Fitbits rely on a Bluetooth connection which means it emits EMF radiation. And it has to remain connected throughout to enjoy all its features. Bluetooth may have high frequencies & short wavelengths which easily penetrate through the human tissue. So prolonged usage may lead to adverse effects.

Fitness trackers like Fitbits may not cause cancer, but on the other side, the electromagnetic radiation they emit may certainly pose a risk. Short-term exposure to electromagnetic radiation may not lead to cancer but the danger is when you are exposed to electromagnetic radiation for a longer period. Unfortunately, that’s how we use fitness tracking devices like Fitbits.

We tend to wear them on our wrists for quite a long time. At times, some may never remove them after usage too. You should also watch out for any immediate symptoms which could be a warning sign that you are allergic or highly sensitive to EMF radiation which is emitted by the fitness trackers. And this type of illness is known as Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome (EHS).

Is It Safe to Sleep with a Fitbit?

One of the features of Fitbit is to track people’s sleeping patterns and provide relevant information. It monitors your heart rate to report about your sleep stages. For this process, users should wear the device the entire night which exposes their body to absorb more EMF.

It can impact the body’s ability to produce melatonin which is responsible for regulating sleep. The production of this hormone is influenced by light. The brain interprets EMF as a form of light and thereby, stops melatonin production.

The body may believe its day time and may not fall asleep. So it is no big surprise if you are unable to fall asleep wearing your Fitbit. It can be a reason for sleepless nights!

EMF Radiation & Skin Ailments

Users also complain about skin rashes after using the fitness device. Skin irritation is said to be one of the most common symptoms of EHS.

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Why are Fitness Trackers not as Commonly Used as Other Electronic Gadgets?

Fitness trackers are still not considered as a commonly used gadget for various reasons. Not everyone may need a fitness tracker unless you are on a motive to shred some extra pounds or you are health conscious or probably you like using gadgets to measure fitness goals. Some people still follow the routine without using any fitness trackers and some think that it is not even required to use a fitness tracker.

Some may even consider it expensive or even an unnecessary expense. And as discussed in this article, people may even think about its side effects arising from EMF radiation.

Using a fitness tracker is based on an individual’s need & choice. Ever thought about how your life will be with and without electronic fitness? Either way, it will have its pros & cons. Consider what will help you achieve your fitness goal and at the same time keep you safe & healthy.


1.    Are fitness trackers bad for your health?

Continuous usage of Fitness trackers that emit Electromagnetic radiation may be considered bad for health.

2.    Do fitness trackers give off radiation?

Yes, Fitness trackers that connect via Bluetooth do emit radiation.

3.    Is it safe to wear a fitness tracker all the time?

No, it is not safe to wear a fitness tracker all the time due to EMF radiation.

4.    Do Smartwatches give off radiation?

Yes, Smartwatches emit electromagnetic radiation.


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