Can a human being be replaced by machines

Can a Human Being be Replaced by Machines?

Machines Replacing Human Labor

The world that exists today has gone through a paradigm shift where machines have occupied significant roles in the lives of humans. To make it sound positive, machines have made human lives simpler & better. But yes, there is another side to it!

We hear that machines are taking the place of humans as well! So the question is, are machines going to replace humans? In this article, we will discuss more of this!

We will dive deep into this topic to see what we can derive! To start with, Robotics has become a part of everyday life; their role has become a major focus of public concern and research. And to talk about Automation, it is believed that most of the jobs to a greater or lesser degree will be eliminated.

So, will robotics replace human employment? Yes, it is partially true that AI-based technologies and robots have indeed replaced the roles of humans in certain sectors. Some of them are listed below:

1.    Manufacturing Industry

It is one of the first industries which used AI robots for assembling products & packaging them for shipment.

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2.    Packaging & Shipping Industry

This industry made use of robots to make distribution more effective. Many e-commerce companies rolled out robots to their warehouses.

3.    Finance

With an increasing amount of financial data, many financial companies are opting for AI.. Robots can utilize market information and prescient frameworks to conjecture stock patterns and furthermore oversee funds. There are also ‘Robo-advisors’ for providing solutions for simple financial problems.

4.    Healthcare

Medical companies use AI technology for medical procedures like diagnosing diseases, performing surgery, and delivering anesthesia. Robot caregivers can aid patients in getting out of bed or even walking.

5.    Agriculture

Drones are gaining immense popularity in the field of agriculture. It can survey land and take images to reveal the fertility of the specific patches of soil and the required number of water crops. Also, automated farm vehicles have eliminated the traditional labor involved.

Though machines have predominantly replaced quite a few significant industries, they can never replace some of them. And they are listed below:

1.    Healthcare Workers

Though automation plays a bigger role, there are no chances that doctors, nurses, or any healthcare employees can entirely be replaced. They are definitely on solid ground!

2.    Teachers

Even though online classes are on a rise, there should be someone to instruct and teach and also to grade the written assignments. Here, technology cannot replace teachers! Teaching requires interactions and activities and cannot be simply automated.

3.    Creatives

Jobs that rely on writers to graphic designers or videographers, those who use the right side of their brain can never be replaced by machines. Can machines/computers replace the human mind’s reflection? No! It is not proved yet! It needs a lot of thoughts & ideas to derive an output or to be artistic or imaginative!

4.    Social Workers & Counselors

People who are facing difficult times may need professionals who can listen & provide them with the required support or help. Despite advances in technology, that is not something machines or AI can do! And that’s why jobs like these still look safe from automation!

5.    Lawyers

You can never trust software technology for your defense! In such a scenario, you need a lawyer, a human, who knows complex laws and can argue on behalf of you. And under no circumstances, this can be automated!

6.    Supervisors

Though certain manufacturing & mechanical jobs are being replaced by machines, there remains a need for humans to keep a watch over those machines. Likely First-line supervisors will always be on-demand, even those who are in factories.

The Bottom line

Although robots & AI are replacing some of the traditional jobs in top industries, they are also generating opportunities for humans to supply digital services to complement AI. Machines replacing human labor may also create new opportunities; it may relieve us from manual work and help us to be more innovative!

Also, if you are in a job that requires knowledge & creativity then you are definitely in a safer zone!


1.    What will happen if machines replace humans?

If machines replace humans there will be a loss of jobs and there will be a drastic shift in many people’s lives.

2.    Why are machines replacing humans?

To reduce the cost of production and also to reduce the time and increase efficiency humans are being replaced by machines.


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