Why Natural Products Are Better

Are Natural Beauty Products Better For You?

Natural Skin Care Products

There is an incredible rise among people who prefer clean beauty. Even influencers on every social media platform tout that using all-natural products has immensely helped their skin look better. You would have noticed store shelves where a myriad of natural beauty products market themselves with pictures of natural ingredients or with statements like ‘’non-toxic’’ etc.

According to a survey, 50% of women have started to opt for skincare products that have organic ingredients and they prefer products that are entirely free from chemicals like sulfates and phthalates.

Also, statistics show that these kinds of product marketing are towering high as consumers have become quite conscious about the products that they use on their skin. Also, it makes sense that we would be eventually drawn to products that have ingredients that we are aware of.

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Why Natural Products Are Better For Your Skin?

 Natural skincare products vs Chemical-based ones – which is better? There are a lot of benefits of switching to natural products which we have listed below:

1. Better For The Environment

Using natural products for skin care comes with a lot of benefits. Also, if you ask – are natural products better for the environment? It is a big yes! It is definitely better than synthetic skincare products because synthetic chemicals tend to harm plants and animals when they come to contact with them.

The process involved in manufacturing such products causes a huge amount of stress on the environment. The extraction of specific ingredients like lead, aluminum, etc., may require mining. And mining may produce a lot of pollution leading to a negative carbon footprint on the environment on a larger scale.

Natural skin care products may not involve such ingredients and may not require mining. By using natural ingredients, the products cause no harm to the surrounding environment, plants, or animals.

2. Safer For You

Natural skincare products are far better when compared to synthetic products because of the ingredients used. For example, when a cream that contains chemicals is applied to the skin, it may slowly penetrate into to skin and then into the bloodstream.

This may directly have an impact on our bodies. By using natural skincare products, one can avoid such negative health effects. Also, you will feel good and look better.

3. Easier On The Skin

Synthetic skin care products may not suit everyone; they may cause harm to certain individuals. The ingredients contained in these products may cause swelling, redness, itchiness, or any allergic reaction.

For reasons like this, it is better not to opt for synthetic skincare products. Skincare products with ingredients like parabens, petrochemicals, sulfates, synthetic dyes, triclosan, propylene glycol, etc., need to be avoided. There are also other synthetic chemicals that can cause harm to the skin.

Hence, it is always a good idea to opt for skincare products that have natural ingredients. Natural ingredients for skin care products will be free from irritants and also tend to benefit your skin.

4. Ingredient Profile Differs

There is an enormous difference between the ingredient profiles used in natural skincare products and synthetic products. In synthetic products, you will notice ingredients like Triclosan, Petrolatum, Dye #4, Glyceryl Stearate, etc., which are made in labs that can be harmful to our body.

On the other hand, natural skincare products carry familiar-sounding ingredients like argan oil, jojoba oil, lemon juice, apple juice, and so on. These natural ingredients are never harmful to the skin and are also beneficial to the skin.

Also, it is a fact that they carry vitamins and compounds like Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Resveratrol, Vitamin E, alpha-hydroxy acid, and much more. All of these help your body to function at optimal levels.

If you have decided to switch to natural skincare products, make the transition slow. Introduce one product at a time so that you will be able to understand how your skin takes it. And the most important is, that you should be patient with the results if you are going to opt for natural skin care products.

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1. Are natural skin care products better than others?

Yes, natural skincare products carry natural ingredients which are less harmful to the skin.

2. Are natural products more effective?

Though natural products take time to show results, it is considered to be very effective.

3. Why is it better to use natural products?

It is better to use natural products because you can avoid harmful chemicals that are present in synthetic products.

4. Why is natural beauty the best?

Natural beauty is considered best because it will not cause any harm to your skin or health.


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