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Will Life Return to Normal in 2022?

When will COVID end? When will life return to normal? It is a question most commonly people are looking for answers to; it is probably the aftermath of prolonged lockdown and unending fear. It is simply terrifying when we look back at the impact that COVID has caused across the globe. Many lost their loved ones in the battle of COVID.

It has put down the business of many & people are still struggling to earn food to their table. And the bitter truth is, life is never going to get back to pre-pandemic normal. This novel Coronavirus may not disappear & yes, our lives will change. Now the question is – to what extent? The predicted scenario is that COVID-19, just like influenza, will keep circulating & spreading infection.

Now that COVID-19 vaccinations are available in full swing, we are keen to get back to normal at the earliest. Whether planning for a holiday or simply looking up to a normal 2022, we just want to revert to the life that was there before the pandemic struck. This is a topic that is on the top for discussion; it is said that the new normal is so ingrained that there is probably no going back.

The ending timeline of this pandemic seems to shift daily as we get updates like vaccine logistics, viral variants, and other important variables; it seems to scoot the finish line forward. Though we have some confident guesses, the pandemic is always hard to predict. A better way to think about the future is to live as it comes by, maybe season to season.

Basically, the timeframe of pandemics that we get to hear is based on assumptions. There can be no definite answer. When will COVID end’ prediction is indeed a crucial topic that experts across the globe keep discussing.

COVID has entirely changed our perspectives, habits, and a lot more. Travel has reduced and so did trade. Though life and work may not be the same again, we are steadily marching towards normalcy. Probably we may reach in a span of time if control measures are properly followed.

So when will life get back to normal in India? Will COVID end in 2022? According to ‘The Economic Times’, Indians are considered as the most optimistic globally with respect to their expectations for returning to Pre-COVID normal; more than 70% expect to return to normalcy in less than a year.

Though expectations vary from country to country, a majority of people across the globe are hopeful that the pandemic will end within the next year. Most medical experts say that the world has changed forever. But the good news is vaccines are found to be effective and they will possibly save us from COVID. There are still few questions that still revolves in people’s mind:

  • How long the Corona vaccine will be effective in India?
  • Will people need the COVID vaccine again after a period of time?
  • If booster doses are required after the first 2 doses, then when boosters should be administered?
  • Will the COVID vaccine given in India will be effective against the mutant variant?

Scientists & Researchers are constantly monitoring the population to understand the efficiency of vaccination. As time lapses, they will have enough information on hand to predict how this pandemic will come to an end. Meanwhile, it is the prime responsibility of every individual to follow safety precautions.

Even after vaccination, one should continue to care for own safety & that of your loved ones. Wear a mask, follow sanitation measures and cleanliness. They can even help you to be safe from the mutant variant.

Having crossed horrifying phases, it is common to long for a normal life. It is in the mind of every individual not only in India but across the globe. It’s been a while since we lived a normal life. Vaccinations have definitely given hope that we will win this COVID battle. If every one of us commits to safety we will be able to bring a drastic change to this pandemic situation.


1. Should I get vaccinated if I have already had Covid-19?

The protection that someone gets after COVID-19 may actually vary from person to person. Also, it is unsure how long the natural immunity may last. So yes, you should get vaccinated even if you already had COVID-19.

2. Can a vaccinated person get infected with Covid?

Yes, it is possible that a person may get infected after vaccination. But vaccine helps to fight even the mutated variants.

3. Can you test positive for Covid after getting the vaccine?

Yes, there are chances that one may test positive even after getting vaccinated.

4. Will the COVID-19 vaccine be given to everyone simultaneously?

Initially, vaccines were prioritized to frontline workers and then to those above 45yrs. Now with the availability of vaccines, it is administered to everyone above 18 years.






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