importance of business card etiquette

Why Business Cards Are Still Important?

What is a Business Card?

A Business card carries information about the business or the Individual. It includes the individual’s name, logo, contact address, telephone number, e-mail id, website address, etc. Now they also include social media addresses like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Who Needs Business Cards?

Having a business card, you may have plenty to gain and nothing to lose. You may need a business card under the following circumstances:

  • If you are seeking new business opportunities
  • If you want to build your business brand
  • If you want to expand your network
  • If you want to strengthen your brand

Though today’s business communication has been entirely automated due to the trending technological advancement, business cards seem to be simply irreplaceable. Most company officials still carry their business cards in their pockets and hand them out while meeting potential clients.

A business card is an effective & handy tool to promote business in places like seminars, trade fairs, or business meetings. It is indeed a part of the branding exercise that aids in beating the competition. Smart strategists infuse creative designs so that the card itself speaks about their business.

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Importance of Business Card etiquette

Sharing business cards, being a universal system, has its way of giving and receiving them, and also the same varies between cultures. Research about your destination and its culture well ahead you start giving your business card; it is always good to know the local practices there.

Below are some of the Business card etiquette tips:

  • Have a designated place in your handbag or jacket pockets for placing your card and also the one you receive from others. This will make you look organized and you do not have to search for the card when you have to give one.
  • Never write on the person’s card in front of him.
  • If you have asked for someone’s business card, make sure you contact them by sending them a mail and conveying that it was good that you were introduced.
  • If you do not intend to contact the person then avoid asking for a business card. However, if you are given a card that you didn’t ask for, then you do not have to necessarily reply to that person.

Why Business cards are important?

1. Sharing contact details

One big reason why business cards are still used is that it delivers the contact information of your business. A company’s contact information is said to be crucial to clients. The recipient will store your card and will make use of it when there is a requirement.

2. Personal touch

While handing out business cards, it is not just the details that you share but also you greet each other, spend good time and a good connection happens. This warmth helps in building a strong relationship with the client.

3. Your First Impression

An attractive, well-designed business card will make a favorable impression on your business. Ensure your business card is eye-catching; use your business brand color, choose the right material for your card so that it looks professional. It makes your brand recognizable to your clients.

4. Part of some cultures

In some cultures, it is important to share your business card. For some, business cards are said to be a part of business rituals. In some countries, it is important that when someone offers their business card, you should in turn give yours.

5. Brand identity marketing

As business cards tend to represent your company’s brand, it is considered an important marketing tool. For such reasons, people make their cards look the best. Specialized printing techniques such as foil stamping, embossing, laminating, or thermography can be used to make your business card look unique.

6. Makes your service referable

You can also mention the skills that you possess in your business card so that the recipient will know about it and may refer your skills and business to someone who may require it.

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1. Is business cards still relevant?

Yes, Business cards are still in use and it gives a positive impact on your business. It conveys the important contact details of your business to your recipient.

2. Is it worth getting business cards?

Yes! It is worth getting business cards. You may get easy access to contact information when you need any particular service. You can store the cards that you receive in a designated place for easy retrieval.



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