How to Craft a Successful Media Pitch

How to Craft a Successful Media Pitch?

If you want a journalist or media crew to cover a story, you need to have a good media pitch in place to entice them. Media pitches are storylines or pieces of information that a PR firm uses to spread the awareness of something. It can cover a major news story or tell the world about a new product or service.

All media pitches should be done in an electronic format such as an official letter that you send to media outlets and reporters. To craft a successful and effective media pitch, read on.

Give a Noteworthy Point

Journalists receive anywhere from 10 to 26 pitches every day, so your media pitch needs to be perfect. Get to the point and make your opening statement as fascinating as possible. By grabbing the journalist’s attention right off the bat, you have a greater chance that your story will be taken seriously and given the proper coverage. Don’t pitch about something that happens every day. It needs to be exciting and something newsworthy that people will take note of.

First impressions take seven seconds and go a long way, and if your pitch is boring and without pictures, it will probably get overlooked. The best media pitches have an element of emotional context that allows people to feel engaged with the story.

Understand How to Use Media Relations

The media needs to be accurate, fair, and reliable. No one will believe you if your story is full of holes or you haven’t researched the topic enough. There are certain media relations hoops that you need to jump through and this includes doing your homework. Learn the ABCs of media relations so that you understand how to present yourself and tell a story that will get people buzzing.

Media relations have a lot to do with forming relationships that will last for years. Much of the business people do is with someone they trust, who knows the market, and keeps their word. Don’t promise unrealistic things in your media pitch. Be sure that you can provide everything you say.

Showcase Your Value

To successfully put forward a media pitch that will be taken seriously, you need to stand out from the other hundreds of pitches that are sent. If your pitch doesn’t have some valuable information, then you’ll be just like the rest of the fallen pitches that get tossed in the trash. You want to showcase how valuable you and your story are.

If you want to introduce a new product, show the media in your pitch why it’s the best and why it stands out above the rest. Your subject line when you send the email needs to be direct and clear with something that instantly attracts the eye and makes the person want to read further.

It doesn’t matter what industry you work in; a valuable and well-crafted media pitch can be the one chosen out of hundreds of others. It needs to be persuasive and offer the media or journalist something they haven’t covered before. Find a good angle to work from and always thank the media for their consideration of your pitch.

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